NASB: Dr. David Lee to Deliver 2014 Conference Keynote Address and Facilitate Follow-up Workshop

Nevada Association of School Boards (NASB)
August 2014 Newsletter:

Dr. David Lee is Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at The University of Southern Mississippi. He obtained his doctorate degree in leadership from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

He has served as a teacher, principal, superintendent of schools, deputy state superintendent of education for the State of Louisiana, college professor, and local school board member.

He has served as consultant to school systems and Fortune 500 companies all over the world. He has over forty years of experience driving change in organizations and providing the motivation that enables people to be better at what they do.

David is the author of three books, The Motivating Administrator, Run From the Nuts, and Teachers’ Lounge Mafia. He also publishes articles in leading industry journals. His latest is “Board Games,” published by the American Association of School Administrators.

His ground-breaking research on school boards has linked school board behavior to student achievement.

He gives you information you can USE, not just theory, and what SHOULD work. His messages are both informative and entertaining. He is like the cross-eyed discuss-thrower: he might not set any records, but he’ll surely keep the crowd alert.

The title of David’s keynote address is “The Secret to School Board Member Success.” He will focus on the skills and strategies that all board members must master to be effective.

In the follow-up general session workshop, David will concentrate on something that NASB has stressed throughout 2014: “Board Behaviors Linked to Student Achievement.”

His research demonstrates that it does matter how school board members act at their meetings. Behaviors will be
discussed that have a negative impact on the success of the school district.

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