Over 30 years of experience in teaching, education, administration, and business

“Most people spend a lifetime waiting to be motivated by others. In reality, motivation is an individual experience. The most successful people in the world have learned to control their own level of motivation and to chart their own destiny!”

~ Dr. David Lee)

Hello, my name is David Lee.  And I’m glad to see you here on my Blog.  Let’s get the “official” bio out of the way:

Dr. David Lee is an internationally recognized leadership and motivation expert, speaker, and author.  He has been where you are and experienced the same challenges and demands.  He has over 35 years of experience driving change in organizations and providing the motivation that enables people to be better at what they do.  His greatest strength is his experience because he has been a teacher, coach, principal at every grade level, superintendent of schools, deputy state superintendent, college professor, and a local school board member.  He has served from the classroom to the boardroom.  He is currently an associate professor of educational leadership at The University of Southern Mississippi.  He obtained his doctorate degree from Louisiana State University.

Every year he speaks to school systems, Fortune 500 companies, and state and national associations.  He publishes articles in leading industry journals and his latest book is Run From The Nuts.

Now, here’s what you really need to know about me:
I love to see first hand what great leaders do.  I am fascinated by their talent.  I have spent years trying to duplicate it.  I love to study it.  I love to help others develop as leaders.  It is my passion.

And…I love what technology can do, but I am still old school because I believe our relationships are built by personal contact.  So my blog might seem like an odd fit for me.
So why am I here online?  Because you are.  It’s time for me to bring my messages to the world of computers.  I’ll keep you abreast of cutting edge strategies that will make you stand out from the crowd.  My sincere hope is that what you find here will add value to your life and give you the tools to achieve your goal as a leader.

Dr. David Lee’s visionary leadership was showcased in the American School Board Journal.

Research confirms that most speeches and seminars are a waste of people’s time and energy, and many make little lasting difference. David feels that way, too. That’s why his messages teach you to motivation yourself – don’t just wait on others.

Maybe that’s why he gets invited to speak all over the world, and maybe that’s why he gets invited back to the same organizations 98% of the time.

He has experience from the classroom to the boardroom

  • Teacher
  • Principal at every grade level
  • Supervisor of instruction
  • College professor
  • Author
  • Superintendent of schools
  • Deputy State Superintendent of Education
  • School board member and president
  • Speaker/consultant
  • Sales trainer

Nine reasons to schedule David Lee for your next meeting:

    Dr. Lee has made over 5,000 presentations during the past 25 years. He has professional experience from the classroom to the boardroom.
    Recognizing that people only retain 20% of what they hear, but 90% of what they hear-say-do, Dr. Lee involves each audience in unforgettable experiences.
    Speeches are carefully designed to meet the needs of individual districts.
    Based on years of experience, the development of successful programs, improvement of student performance, and national recognition, he understands the importance of practical solutions to your challenges. He speaks your language.
    He has been featured on training films by national organizations and magazines. Most recently in the American School Board Journal for his development of the nationally acclaimed, School of Hope.
    Dr. Lee has served as a consultant to some of the nation’s largest and highest performing school systems and curriculum development companies. He has also spoken in school systems all over the world.
    A master at using one-liners and humorous stories to drive his message home. His meetings are both informative and enjoyable. Your group will not be bored, I guarantee.
    The majority of appearances are repeat engagements. People simply want him back for more.
    He is just plain good on the platform.