Motivational Strategies That Work
Decision-Making and Delegation
Teamwork-How to Insure It
Current Leadership Challenges
High Performing Schools
Leading In a Culture of Change
Strategic Planning
Magic Leadership Strategies and Coaching



Putting Charter Schools to Use in Your System



Bulding Community Support
Managing the Media
Conducting Difficult Parent Conferences



Title I Regulations
Other State and Federal Requirements
Common Core Standards



Instructional Leadership Strategies
Positive Professional Climate
Evaluating and Documenting Performance
Managing Difficult People



Based on his nationally acclaimed alternative school model



Teach the Best – Shoot the Rest

This session focuses on innovative ways to deal with the low performers. We can’t ignore their existence. How we handle them will determine our effectivess as an educator and how we maintain sanity in our jobs.

Cows Don’t Give Milk

You Have to Take It – Taken from his CD series of the same name. Offers practical advice on taking talent from others and yourself. This fun-filled session teaches the audience the tricks of self-motivation and how to get more out of their jobs.

How To Be a Happy, and Dynamic Educator


Run From the Nuts

Based on a book by Dr. Lee

Teacher’s Lounge Mafia

Based on a book by Dr. Lee

Hope Is Not a Strategy

Hoping won’t get the job done. I hope I ‘ll lose some weight, I hope my classes improve, I hope my scores get better, I hope, I hope. Hoping is useless without a strategy. This motivational and informational session focuses on developing strategies for organizational and personal improvement.

How to Face New Mandates with Enthusiasm

This session is geared for schools facing new challenges. So many of your staff have complacent attitudes and are satisfied with the status quo. This session will get them off the fence. It will show them why and how to take advantage of the current state and federal mandates.

You Can’t Be Burned Out if You’ve Never Been Lit

A fun filled, notivational session that gets people excited about what they do. Specific concepts are taught that will enable people to motivate themselves. If you have some staff members who are lethargic and set in their ways and look upon their jobs as work, then this session is for you.

The Four Horses of the Apocalypse

Based on an article by Dr. Lee that describes how four basic attitudes and behavior can infiltrate your system causing turmoil and destruction. This session teaches you how to identify the intruders, deal with them, and get back on track. If these aren’t dealt with, they can destroy a system and the people in it. He called these four horses. It’s not to late.

How to Improve Low Performing Schools

Strategies, programs, and techniques are revealed that are necessary for school improvement. This session is based on his work with some of the highest peforming schools in the country.