Organizations Dr. David Lee has spoken for:

Here are just a few of the organizations that Dr. David Lee has spoke for.


WHO ARE OUR CLIENTS?  Here are some names you’ll know!





Chevron U.S.A.

Texas Association of Secondary School Principals

Virginia Association of Secondary School Principals

Alaska Association of Elementary and Secondary School Principals

Florida Panhandle Area Educational Cooperative

Florida Citrus Growers Association

Arkansas Economic Development Commission

Alabama Staff Development Association

Northside Victoria School Board, Victoria, Nova Scotia

Kentucky Association of School Superintendents

Mississippi Association of School Superintendents

Louisiana Superintendent’s Association

Louisiana Association of School Executives

Association of Compensatory Educators of Texas

Arkansas Association of Elementary School Principals

Regional In-Service Centers in Mobile, Birmingham, and Montgomery, Alabama

Broward County Schools, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Kodiak, Alaska Schools

Ft. Worth Public Schools, Ft. Worth, Texas

University of Alabama Regional In-Service Center

Louisiana Reading Association

Mississippi Staff Development Association

Seminole County Support Services Group, Orlando, Florida

Kansas Association of Elementary School Principals

International Council for Innovations in Education, Panama City, Panama

International Conference on Learning, Chicago, Illinois

Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals

Florida Association of Secondary School Principals

Alabama Effective Schools Conference

Northeastern Montana Association of School Administrators

Banking Institute of the South

Calgary, Canada Teachers Association

American Technical Educators Association



Sheraton Hotels

International Paper Company

U.S. Sites and Development Conference, Orlando, Florida

Western Iowa Technical Community College

Illinois Eastern Community Colleges

Louisiana Community and Technical College System

Conference of Louisiana Colleges and Universities

Entergy Cooperation

Mississippi Business Educators Conference

Cuyahoga Community College System, Cleveland, Ohio

Houston Community College Leadership Institute, Houston, Texas

Florida Foundation for School Health


Spoken in all 50 states


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